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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 20:01:34 +0200
From: (Gerold Reimann)
Subject: Zulo Garry BARCLAY


Dear Willem,

We are searching for this man. The picture shows him in september 1984, when Zulo Garry Barclay (born on February 27, 1966) was an exchange student for approx. one year in our family in northern Germany. That time his height was approx. 5’ 6“ (179 cm), his weight was 120 lbs (56,8 kg).

Zulo was a student from the R. C. Lawson Institute, located at Congo Town, Liberia. He came to Germany by a program initiated by afs (American Field Service) intercultural exchange program 1984/1985, arriving here on september 3rd, 1984. During his first days in Germany he was infected by malaria, and he must stay for a couple of days at the Tropical Institute at Hamburg. He lived over here together with our three children, went to school at Bederkesa, enjoyed soccer very much, became member of the local soccer team (SV Meckelstedt). He left Germany on June 10th, 1985.

We only once got a message from him shortly after his departure and there was some rumor in Liberia that time.

Dated from december 1984 we have some mail remaining here in our house that came from his parents. The sender of the letter was his father Rufus Barclay (Field Inspector, Text Book Unit, Ministry of Education, Phone 221316). His mother was Elfraita (?) Barclay. There was one brother Apala Barclay, and there were three sisters Cuma (22 years old today), Yasa (19), and Loma (16). An address on a letter shows a second address Doport Road, Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia.

Can anybody help us to find out what happened to Zulo Garry Barclay and his family?

Many thanks for your efforts in advance


Elena & Gerold Reimann


LOOKING FOR MENTONA K (Gregory John Karkor)

From: "Tommy Kennedy(Zodoa records)"
To: "The Liberian"
Subject: Re: Mentona K
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 11:50:04

Dear Willem,

I have spoken with Mr Dowanna of the Liberian Embassy in london, he has said it is ok to contact him by email If you need more imformation regarding Gregory John Karkor. It will be a splended idea to put his name and the details of his missing person on page 11 of your newspaper, we must also think of other ways to make contact for his whereabouts,this is very important we locate him, we have grave fears for his safety.When you need more imformation from me please contact me at once.


Dear Willem, Thanx ever so much for making contact. I represent Mentona K, real name Gregory John Karkor passport no or/0018668-98 issued in monrovia 15 december 1998 expires 14 december 2003. Mr Mentona was living in Thailand for the last 9 months, he is supposed to come to the uk for promotional work. All was fine up to about 6 weeks ago, when all contact was lost. I have grave concerns for his safety, I fear he may be in some Bangkok hellhole or worse. I have contacted mr Dowanna of the Liberian consulate in the uk, but still no luck. I was wandering if you could help me to make a appeal through your magazine. Mr Mentona is a fantastic singer, I will email you his photograph, I really hope you can help in someway, which country are you based, mr Mentona can help to put Liberia on the map. I await you reply.

regards TOMMY

Mentona K is a Liberian artist who is set to take world music by storm - Listen to something wonderful. A newstock of CDs is being dispatched as we speak from Thailand, where Mentona has recently been recording. We expect him to get to England soon, but just listen to the beautiful sounds.

Born in a third world country "Liberia" on the West Coast of Africa, Mentona spent most of his early years singing songs for his family & their friends. Liberia was one of the first countries in Africa to be recognised as an independent state on July 26th 1847. It is now host to three & a half million citizens. However, all was not peaceful in Mentona’s homeland in the past years (1990-1997) as it was ravished with war & civil unrest. Mentona himself was forced to flee to the Ivory Coast. We hope to get him back to Dunstable, England.

"Mentona" is an African word which means – Boy who grows to be a man quickly - and this boy certainly did. Born on the 24th July 1977, he has been singing & writing songs since he was ten years old & has been inspired by great singers such as Bob Marley & Jimmy Cliff. And Mentona too will aspire to such heights.

Another one of Liberia's famous sons is George Weah, the footballer who is a big fan of Mentona's back home.



Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 12:17:28 +0200
From: Maria Antonietta Bonacci
Subject: people search. help

I am looking for a liberian citizen who used to be my nanny when I lived in Liberia. I had to leave with my parents the second day of the famous coup d'etat in 1979 (I think it was then...I was 8-9 at the time) and I never saw this lady again. Her name is Doris Kwazea, she was married to a doctor. Is there anybody who can help me in finding her or in having news?

Thanking you in advance.

Kindest regards,

Maria Antonietta Bonacci
Lugano, Switzerland



Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 18:14:39 EDT
Subject: Liberian Wedding Ring

Do you have any information on how to find (and purchase) a Liberian Wedding Ring. I bought such a ring in Monrovia from a Lebanese jeweler in the 1980's. It was my prized possession, and was lost. If you are not familiar with the ring by that name.

    I will describe it:
  • It is 18Karat gold filigree with a deep V-shape front and back.
  • The ring was somewhat common in Senegal and Liberia.

Also, any information on where to find the African Cross pendant (18 Karat gold) also would be sincerely appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Betsy Dulick


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