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How it started

THE LIBERIAN POST Project started in 1998 after Dutch citizen Willem Tijssen visited Liberia on a post-war trading mission for one of his clients. While his client mainly held meetings with politicians Willem was able to travel around and met businessmen and common people. He smelled and tasted Liberia which was such an overwhelming positive experience that he decided to dedicate his knowledge and experience to the cause of getting Liberia back on the map of global awareness - not to promote politics but to attract the attention of the global community for all the good and beauty Liberia has to offer, hoping to contribute in a constructive manner to stimulate companies and individuals to invest in Liberia for the wellbeing of its people.

The Liberian Post

This Internet Portal is an independent “Outsider’s look Inside” and an “Insiders Look Outside” Liberia without any political interferences to colour the message. The Liberian Post offers extensive background information on history, geography, topography and economy. Much attention has been given to create an impressive link-index of Liberian Internet sites, people and other remarkable data. [see LINKS]. During his many visits to Liberia Willem took photos and filmed hours of video. Abstracts can be found in the Liberian Photo Album [see ALBUM].

Willem Tijssen: founder

Willem Tijssen is a Dutch multi-disciplined entrepreneur – Humanist and Africanist. Since 1998 he mainly works in the West African Mano River Region as independent business consultant and project leader for a variety of clients. During his travels in the West African Mano River Region Willem was in the privileged position to establish a remarkable network of relations in society, business and government. Before and during that time he was owner/CEO of EEC Events, an event-marketing company based in The Netherlands serving clients e.g. Swatch International – MTV - Nike Europe – Philip Morris [see EEC Events] and special consultant at EMC Television [see EMC-TV].

Present and future

Presently Willem supervises a chromite mining project in Sierra Leone and investigates the attainability to establish a cooperative fruit processing project [mango – papaya – orange] for the domestic market in Liberia to employ former child soldiers. His engagement to the renaissance of Africa is available in the Portal [See US-AFRICA.ORG].

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