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Transit / Temporary Stay

A transit visitor intending to stay in Liberia more than 15 days must report to the Monrovia Immigration Office within 48 hours upon arrival.

Port of Entry

All travelers, except those who receive at the Port of Entry a visa of 15 days or less, are required to obtain exit visas issued by Immigration authorities in Monrovia. All passengers (except members of the diplomatic corps and airport transit passengers) departing from Liberia have to pay an airport tax.

Multiple Entry Visa

For those who intend to travel frequently in and out of Liberia in a given year, there is a Multiple Entry Visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia, upon payment of the required fee.

Customs and Dutiable Items

Duty-free privilege covers personal effects. One bottle of alcoholic beverage and 200 cigarettes can be cleared duty-free.

Special permits are required for vegetables, fruits and fresh meat. Firearms, ammunition, and some pharmaceuticals require official Liberian permits. Export duty is levied on diamonds and precious metals purchased in Liberia.


The unit is the Liberian dollar (two kinds in existence - the JJ Roberts and Liberty), officially at par with the US dollar which is also legal tender in the country. On the parallel market in Monrovia, US$1 = L$40 Liberty. The new government is in the process of choosing one of the three currencies and making it legal tender throughout the country. There are no foreign exchange controls. Since there are no legal foreign exchange regulations, currencies may be brought in and out of the country easily.

Major credit cards are acceptable by most travel agents, airlines, selected hotels, restaurants and stores.

Resident/Work Permit

Visitors planning to stay more than 90 days must apply for resident permit from the Bureau of Imigration and Naturalization. Should they desire to seek employment, they must be in possession of a valid work permit from the Ministry of Labor.

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