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This Liberian Internet Magazine THE LIBERIAN POST is an independent and NON political website, and is dedicated to all the beauty and richness, Liberia has to offer.

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While wishing you a prosperous, a happy and a peaceful new millennium, today, 1 January 2000 THE LIBERIAN POST launched a webCAMpaign, called ""Buy a Flag". With this campaign, TLP aims to collect enough funding to establish a live internet webcam connection with Broadstreet Monrovia. Read everything about this initiative on Page-62.
December 30th 1999, on the edge to a new millennium, we would like to surprise you by publishing NEW pictures, taken with a simple video-camera during our trip in February 1998, added with some pictures we found on the internet. On page 60 and onwards, you will find our PICTURE GALLERY where we will publish at least 100 photos in the coming months. Keep on coming back and have much fun.

On May 29, 1999, TLP opened the front page in the Dutch language and on June 8th, 1999 in German. Soon the other pages will be translated too, and other languages will follow e.g. Spanish and French, we hope.


The President:
President Taylor
Dankpanah Dr. Charles Ghankay Mc.Arthur Taylor
(elected 19 July 1997 with 75.33% of the votes. Inaugurated on 2 August 1997 as the 21st President of Liberia).

43'000 sq miles; 45% of the land area is prime forest, 15% forest, 20% savannah, 6% farmland, 14% residential and 350 miles of sandy beaches.

Monrovia: 'Mainport Africa'

2'5 million. Annual growth rate 3'4%.

Liberian Girl
Liberian girl

If you would like to meet friendly people with African culture & secret rituals, or visit tropical beaches, go for angling, surfing and swimming, and play some golf, come to Liberia, less than 4.500 flying-miles from New York and nearly 3.200 miles from London.

LIBERIA has it all

Capes & rivers, colonial style wide porched houses, 350 miles white sandy beaches punctuated with shallow lagoons and mangrove swamps. Untouched prime forest, with ponds, creeks, streams, hills and lakes. Abunded wildlife with rare mamals. Fresh air in evergreen surroundings and hospitality. Liberia welcomes all with open doors; tourists and business people.

  • average temperature of 80 F

  • 2'5 million inhabitants

    Liberian mini Hippo

  • unique wildlife

    Liberian Sapo Forest

  • prime forest in Sapo National Park

    Caesars Beach

  • 350 miles long sandy beaches

    creek in bush

  • lakes, rivers and hills

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Flag-3 Dancers

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Flag-3 Dancers

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After sending requests, we received highly interesting and very valuable information about Liberia, from many nice people around the globe. From Liberians aswell as from others. Most of the gathered information is included in The Liberian Post, with the single purpose to promote Liberia, Liberian (made) products and services. THE LIBERIAN POST is aNON-political, independent, Dutch initiative.

Mission Statement: 'support positive achievements in the world, which could lead to accelerate the trade with, and business-developments and future tourism in Liberia.'

Please don't hesitate to E-mail your remarks, criticism and suggestions to: and sign our guestbook.

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At present we are preparing the production of a 45 minute Video-Report (in PAL, SECAM & NTSC) to be filmed in Liberia in February 2000. Because of the many pre-orders, VHS-copies of this Report will cost US$25 per copy, only.
(Additional copies: 25% reduction)

Seriously interested parties are invited, to pre-subscribe on this tape without committing o.s., by means of sending us an E-mail to mentioning;

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Pre-subscribers will receive an additional 10% reduction. During the production-time we will update you in The Liberian Post and by means of E-mail messages with further information, final details, and instructions how to order one or more copies.

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