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LIBERIA has it all:

Capes & rivers, colonial style wide porched houses, 350 miles white sandy beaches punctuated with shallow lagoons and mangrove swamps. Untouched prime forest with ponds, creeks, streams, hills and lakes and abunded wildlife with rare mamals. Liberia has it all.

Most of the pictures in the Gallery-pages were taken during our trips in February 1998 of which a report can be found on page-20 and the most recent trip of our editor Mr. Willem Tijssen (25 till 28 November 2000). During his last trip, Willem filmed footage for a 30 minute television/video documentary. Most of the published pictures are made with pro-dvcam (pal) video in 2000 and amateur hi-8 video in 1998. Also we published some pictures from other sites at the Internet and if any one feels that a particular picture should not be used because of copyrights or other reasons beyond our controle, please contact us by E-MAIL and we will replace it if necessary.
If anyone is willing to send more pictures for publication in The Liberian Post, depending their quality, we hope to include them too.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the
Liberia Experience.

EEC Events B.V./The Netherlands
The Liberian Post is a registered servicemark of USAfrica L.L.C.
All rights reserved.


Afrika lijn

Continent with Future


Lone Star Flag

Culural dancers

Liberian Dancers


"The love for liberty brought us here"

Map mooi

Map of Liberia

Mother Africa Award Banner
From 31 December 1999 onwards, we counted



Unique Liberian Handshake

Poster 3

Tropical Athmosphere







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Content of the Galleries

Gallery-01 Page 61 : More general pictures to introduce Liberia
Gallery-02 Page 62 : webCAMpaign Page
Gallery-03 Page 63 : Monrovia: street scenaries + maps
Gallery-04 Page 64 : More pictures from Monrovia
Gallery-05 Page 65 : Caesar's Beach scenaries
Gallery-06 Page 66 : Peter Bemah's Farm near Sekou
Gallery-07 Page 67 : Beauty of Liberian Nature
Gallery-08 Page 68 : Various pictures
Gallery-09 Page 69 : Various pictures
Gallery-10 Page 70 : LIBERIA 2000
Gallery-11 Page 71 : BONG
Gallery-12 Page 72 : John's Farm
Gallery-13 Page 73 : KAKATA 2000
Gallery-14 Page 74 : MONROVIA 2000
Gallery-15 Page 75 : MONROVIA 2000
Gallery-16 Page 76 : Various pictures dated 1998
Gallery-17 Page 77 : New Money bills 1999
Gallery-20 Page 80 : Various pictures
Gallery-21 Page 81 : Various pictures 2000
Gallery-22 Page 82 : Various pictures
Gallery-23 Page 83 : Political Arena
Gallery-24 Page 84 : County Flags
Gallery-25 Page 85 : Historic Photos from the 60s and 80s

Gallery-200 Page 200 : SIERRA LEONE PICTURES

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