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N'Dama cows

The original N'Dama is referred to as Guinean N'Dama. This type is spread over most of Guinea, over southwestern Mali, Kedougou and south Senegal Oriental, Senegal. It is also found in Sierra Leone - representing the only indigenous breed, across northern Liberia, and in the northwest corner of Ivory Coast.
National Freedom Party of Liberia

Welcome to the National Freedom Party of Liberia (NFPL)! We from all walks of life… Rural and urban, businesspeople and laborers, young and old… United by the common goal of rebuilding a better life for our families and our country. Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy your visit. We update this website regularly so we encourage you to visit often. The National Freedom Party of Liberia is about hope, opportunity, safety, justice, progress, service, honesty, openness, integrity, national development, economic justice, social justice, reconciliation, peace and co-existence. NFPL says “ Time for a change”.
National KRAO Association

National KRAO Association
The National KRAO Association in the Americas, Inc. is a charitable, non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of all Liberians abroad and at home. Our contribution involves the revival of a sound education to our young generation and a better comprehensive, social and economic development of the Liberian nation as a whole, and to pursue commercial opportunities abroad.
National Election Commission

logo NEC Liberia
This site contains information of the Commission's Background, Press Releases, Voter Registration, Candidates, and other election preparation efforts.
NEPAD Business Group

logo NEPAD
Business for Africa comprises leading business organisations who have a broad constituency - both inside and outside Africa - and are committed to helping the continent realise its full economic potential. The group will act as a medium between NEPAD and private companies who support its aims. The group will share information on trade and investment opportunities in Africa and encourage private sector involvement in sustainable development projects.

This website is the starting point in The Netherlands of the Network for the Development of Liberia! This network is established purposely to develop and improve the Social, Economic and Political concerns of Liberia. NETLIB is a foundation that helps Liberia help herself.
New Deal Movement

New Deal Movement Liberia
The New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (The New Deal Movement) is the by-product of two years of intensive consultations, debates and discussions among a group of nationalistic, patriotic and principled Liberians and pan-Africanists, whose individual and collective consciences are pricked by the plight of their people. Also, the founders of the New Deal Movement decided to organize a new political party as an alternative, because the existing political parties, movements and organizations are ideologically and programmatically similar: all of them simply want to use the Liberian people as pawns, acquire state power and then use it to promote the continual pillaging and plundering of public resources for personal gain.
New Democrat

In order to maintain its objectivity and critical analysis of events in post-war Liberia, and to circumvent the current draconian censorship, the New Democrat newspaper has launched this web site.
New Life in Liberia

ALL LIBERIANS--from child soldiers to orphans--need healing from the trauma. Some who aren't refugees outside the country or living in displaced person centers lead their lives crowded into war-damaged, once-modern apartment buildings. The Lutheran Church in Liberia has identified reconciliation and trauma healing as a major focus in its long-range planning. BY SONIA SOLOMONSON Solomonson is a senior editor for The Lutheran.

logo AA

logo BBC

logo CNN

logo WP

When clicking on the logo's in the left-side box, you will go directly to the Liberian page from the choosen International press source.
Next Liberia

Next Liberia
Human Rights Internet Magazine filing the Case Taylor: "Allowing Those Responsible To Walk Free Will Represent The Greatest Threat To Liberia's Future"!

Nimba County
Nimba County is in the north region of Liberia, sharing borders with Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea. The county capital is Sanniquellie. The majority of people in the region belong to the Mano tribe. English is spoken generally in towns but not in villages. Usually the younger population in Liberia speak English, which is the official language. During the late 1960's iron ore was found in "the iron mountain" Mount Nimba. In a joint venture between the Liberian Government, US Bethlehem Steel Corp and the Swedish mining company Granges a huge project was set up, LAMCO (LIBERIAN American Co.). The project contributed to economic and social development in Liberia for 30 years. Corruption was minimal and political stability good. Liberia was amongst the most progressive countries in Africa during this period. History itself caught up with the past and ironically the usual tribal war mentality erupted in 1980. Nimba county was devastated by the civil war that followed. The iron ore had been degrading in quality, and world prices plunged. The combination led to a dismantle of the LAMCO project. After the civil war (which lasted for more than a decade), Nimba is finally getting better. Schools built and financed by LAMCO, are receiving funding from aid organizations (mostly Swedish as Dujar). The Nimba hospital is barely open. The houses which were built by LAMCO are overgrown by the rain-forest. In 2005, the very high price of iron ore is seeing a lot of interest in reopening the mines and rebuilding the standard gauge railway to the port of Buchanan.
Thomas Nimely

Thomas Nimely
Politician: chairman of MODEL.

Novib Logo/banner
Injustice, inequality and poverty are very prevalent across the world. Novib wants to change that by supporting development projects, by lobbying with governments, the European Union and the United Nations. And through working together, with businesses and with in total three thousand like-minded organisations from women's movements and trade unions to development and environmental organisations. In the Netherlands and 100 other countries. Together we make up a world movements of many million people with only one goal before us: a fair and just world for everyone. Novib was set up in 1956 as the Netherlands Organisation for International Development Co-operation.
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