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Car Hire
There are two main car hire services which provide self-driven and chauffeur-driven hires.

Local Air and Rail
Air travel is the most convenient means to reach the coastal town from Monrovia except Buchanan and Robertsport, since both are connected with Monrovia by a road system. Several air taxi companies based in Monrovia operate light aircrafts for charter flights to any part of the country where there is an airstrip. Rail in operation are primarily for shipping ore from the mines to the ports.


Health Requirements and Conditions

A visitor should have an international health certificate showing vaccinations against smallpox, yellow fever, and cholera. In Liberia, as in other tropical areas, malaria is endemic. Effective treatment with quinine drugs are available locally.

Principle towns have hospitals and clinics. Many smaller towns and villages are served by a clinic or licensed practitioner (nurse or doctor), and drugs are generally available.

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In 1822 freed slaves from America (Americano-Liberians and freed slaves from the Caribbean) stepped foot on Land at Providence Island (in Ducor) and Dozoa Island, and a new country was born: LIBERIA. Archives state that in 1815 Paul Cuffe, a successfull merchant from the United States (black father and Indian mother) was the first Liberian. He prepared the odyssey for the pioneers. The first president of Liberia was Joseph Jenkins Roberts.

Liberians are generally candid, amicable, and cordial. In West Africa, Liberians are regarded as amongst the friendliest and most hospital people. For visitors, names of ethnic groups and African dialects which are liable to be encountered may be useful. These include Krahn and Grebo (Grand Gedeh and Maryland), Kru and Bassa (Sinoe, Grand Kru and Grand Bassa), Dan/Gio and Mahn/Mano (Nimba), Vai and Lorma (Cape Mount and Lofa), and Kpelle and Gola (Bong and Montserrado). By dreams, indeginous systems of writing were invented. Dwaki Bukele (Vai tribe) invented such a system. Other scripts are Bassa Vah (invented by Di Widah), Kpelle by chief Gbili of Sonoyea, and Bond Lorma by Widoh Zobo from Lofa County. Though it happens that one area (county) is heavily populated by one or more ethnic groups, there are communities of the various enthnic groups scattered throughout the country. With an estimated annual growth rate of 3.3 percent, Liberia s population stands now at about 2.5 million.

For further historical & political information, and the latest news, we advise to visit Liberian-Connection Internet-site at;
National Holidays

  • 01 January:
    New Year's Day
  • 29 January:
    President Taylor's Birthday
  • 2nd Wednesday in March:
    Decoration Day
  • 15 March:
    J.J. Roberts' Birthday (first President of the Republic)
  • 2nd Friday in April:
    Fast & Prayer Day
  • 12 April:
    National Redemption Day
  • 14 April:
    National Unification Day
  • 26 July:
    National Independence Day
  • 24 August:
    Flag Day
  • 1st Thursday in November:
    Thanksgiving Day
  • 29 November:
    W.V.S. Tubman's Birthday
  • 25 December:
    Christmas Day
    Christmas is celebrated with a large meal, without any gifts given or Christmas trees.


When shaking hands, you grasp the middle finger of your friend's right hand between your thumb and third finger, and bring it up quickly with a snap. This greeting is a custom from the time of the slaves and is 'a sign of freedom'.

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