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Travel Formalities

  1. Within 24 hours after arrival, passport/visa has to be stamped at the Immigration Office downtown Broad Street in Monrovia
  2. A valid passport or travel document is required of any visitor wishing to enter Liberia
  3. Special armed forces travel documents and seaman s book meet entry requirements for persons in such categories
  4. Visa
    A visa must always be obtained by any visitor in order to enter Liberia. Visitors traveling from a country where Liberia has no diplomatic representation can be granted a visa upon request of an agent in Liberia. Such request must be made prior to departure. A resident visitor wishing to re-enter Liberia is exempted from visa requirements provided he possesses a re-entry permit from the Liberian Immigration Bureau.

Visa-exemption categories:

  • Nationals of Sierra Leone, Central African Republic and South Korea.
  • Citizens from member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): they may enter Liberia without visa but must report to the nearest Immigration Regional Office at the country headquarters; those entering Liberia in Montserrado County must report to the Immigration Central Office in Monrovia within 48 hours upon arrival to register and obtain temporary visas.
  • Transit persons continuing their journey to a third country, provided they hold return or onward tickets; their travel documents will be kept by Immigration Authorities at the airport until their departure from Liberia.

Types of Visas

A visitor s visa is issued to a visitor wishing to enter Liberia for sightseeing, tour or business and is valid for 60 days. Renewal or extension can be obtained upon request for 30 days. A visitor from a country where Liberia has no diplomatic representation, for whom an agent in Liberia has submitted a visitor s visa application to Immigration, may enter Liberia when permission has been granted (upon payment of required fee). Such a person will be issued a visa upon arrival, valid for the normal 60 days and renewable at payment of required fee.

Transit / Temporary Stay

A transit visitor intending to stay in Liberia more than 15 days must report to the Monrovia Immigration Office within 48 hours upon arrival.

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