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H. Boima Fahnbulleh

H. Boima Fahnbulleh
The Vision, The Mind, The Man

This website archives the writings and speeches of H. Boima Fahnbulleh, PhD, his critical examination and analysis of Liberia's historical and contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural problems and policies. Here you will find the authentic record of his background, work, and political involvements.

Miatta Fahnbulleh
Famous singer

Miatta Fahnbulleh
Miatta Fahnbulleh was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, and educated in England, Sierra Leone, Kenya and the United States. She like those Liberians who think like her, are in exile from their homeland because of their activism. Miatta has lived in Nigeria, Ghana, Paris and London, and today the United States. She is the Mother of two - son and daughter and grandmother of two. She is the daughter of the late Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Sr., Liberian ambassador to East Africa, who in 1968, was arrested, tried and convicted on a trumped-up treason charge in which the government sponsored demonstrations and newspapers editorials that condemned him. However, President Tolbert later granted him executive clemency in 1971.
Fair Trade

Fair Trade
Products like coffee, tea and chocolate, that we in the north have come to depend on, are produced in the warmer climates of the South. The prices paid for these commodities have not risen in real terms over the last forty years, whilst the value of fertilisers, pesticides and machinery (imported from richer countries) has increased substantially. On top of this the market price of commodities frequently drops below the cost of producing them. Consequently many of the people who grow these crops are having to work harder and longer for less money.

Running Cadidate for FDP - Free Democratic Party 2005 Presidential Elections

Forestry Investment and Asset Management.

FIAM banner
FIAM - Forestry Investment and Asset Management - is the Dutch investment agency in sustainable forestry and land development. FIAM NV is the only sustainable investment agency approved by the "De Nederlandsche Bank" (Netherlands National Bank). FIAM's mission... is to contribute to the sustainable development of carefully selected locations and areas through initiating, developing and exploiting product chains based on both ecological and economical sound principles.
The Women of F.I.R.E - Friends Integrated for Remarkable Excellence- is a group of professional women of African descent who united to form a humanitarian, business, social, and spiritual organization. "We stand to encourage individual growth, outstanding progress and to promote excellence as a group through envisioning, strengthening and developing collective ideas. Overall the purpose of our events, gatherings, planning and fundraising is to make a concerted effort to support our war-torn country. Whether we host a social gathering for Liberians in the US or give back to the Atlanta community we presently reside in, our main goal is and always will be giving back to the community. We hope you will join us".
Fire Plants

Fire Plants: Amodracontioides
Ijoma Flemister
Ijoma Robert Flemister, OFS: Special Emissary to Chair Perry of the Council of State & Member of the 47th and 48th Legislatures Republic of Liberia
Archbishop Michael K. Francis

Archbishop Michael K. Francis Oppugns
Religious leader/Politician. Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis, is a respected opposition figure. The Monrovia diocese provides many of the social services the government has ignored, including the country's only respected school system. Francis, an irrepressibly jovial man, first championed the idea of sending international troops to stabilize Liberia after 14 years of civil war.
Friends of Liberia

logo Friends
Friends of Liberia (FOL) is a network of people who care about the citizens of Africa's oldest republic. Founded in 1986, the organization has grown to 800 members -- former Peace Corps volunteers, diplomats, missionaries, business people, relief workers and Liberians themselves. When civil war started in 1989, FOL members worked to respond to the needs of the conflict's victims, end the fighting, and lay the foundation for a lasting peace. The organization strives to be an impartial source of unbiased, authoritative information about Liberia.
Kevin Fryatt

Kevin Fryatt
Kevin Fryatt is an International Development Worker who has some remarkable stories and photos on recent developments in Liberia. Very worthwhile to visit.
Karin Fung
(Africa Guide)

Karin Fung
This unique data base of Liberia & Africa related links is structured and maintained by Karin Fung, Deputy Curator, Africa Collection, Hoover Library, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Listing of a business or organization in this guide is not an endorsement or guarantee regarding the products or services of the business or organization.
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