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Lake Piso

Lake Piso
Lake Piso satellite-image by
Lamco Reunion

Lamco Reunion
This site is dedicated to students at the Lamco Schools in Yekepa and Buchanan in the 1960's to 1980's; now maturing like wonderful wines! The primary target group being the Swedes (other similar sites exist on the web focused on other groups). Our main common denominator are the tri-annual reunions where this site plays an important role in providing information about them.

Lanaya Association of Belgium is a multicultural organization with membership open to all citizens of the West African sub-region presently residing in Belgium. As an association organized by assylum seekers, residents and naturalized citizens, it is non-profit, non-racial and non sectarian. And shall operate within the confines of the rules and regulations governing such an association in Belgium.

Banner Larvasonic
In 2001 the 15 Year old USA high school junior Michael Nyberg invented the "larvasonic" he calles an "accoustic larvicide system" - "a West Nile Virus killer". His invention could battle West Niles virus by killing larvae using sound frequencies. The device works by converting power from a rechargeable battery into sound energy, which is transmitted through an antenna into water. The emitted frequency causes the mosquito larva's air bladder to rupture surrounding tissue. The devices, which would cost from about $4'000 for a small handheld version to $50'000 for the sewage-treatment variety, would sell for a fraction of the cost of chemical treatments. Michael and his father Herbert Nyberg started a company called New Mountain Innovations to market the "Larvasonic".
Liberian Educational Achievement Foundation

Liberian Educational Achievement Foundation
Mission is to bring together, through Leaf, the spirit of knowledge and humanitarianism by organizing positive self-enriching educational and cultural experiences that transcend racial, ethnic and religious divide in the Liberia, Africa and the World.
Letter from Monrovia

We arrived in Liberia safely. Let me hasten to extend many thanks and appreciation for the consignment sent to us via Pastor Samuel Freeman.

Flag of Liberia
Country File on Liberia in the Internet Gateway.
Liberia 2002

Liberia 2002
Come and go with the Hall Family as they take you to Liberia. They look inside the lives of the people. Learn some of what war does to a people. Read stories of the war. Travel to Greenville church and even get arrested with mr. Hall. You will not be able to enjoy the food or feel the heat, nor will you feel the fear in the atmosphere that covered the country. As you read, try to put yourself in the shoes of a Liberian.
Liberia's Current History

Tarty Teh: During the course of Liberia's recent history, we Liberians have run into one another in anger at meetings and other forums. When similar encounters occur in the fields, it is called war. We usually have something in mind which we want to say before we are overcome by rage, sorrow, or fear. We sometimes express these emotions by fighting, crying, or running. We all have done one or the other at one time or another. Now we are trying to be heard and to be understood. With understanding, we may no longer fear or be feared.
Liberia Dujar Association

Liberia Dujar Association
Liberia Dujar Association (LDA) is a Swedish non-profit organization established in 1993 by Lois Boyenoh Hemgren. LDA was created to help refugees of the seven-year civil war in Liberia (1989–2003) and has a strong focus on women and children.
Liberia Environmental Watch

Liberia Environmental Watch
Liberia Environmental Watch (LEW) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization devoted to advocating for Liberia’s environmental soundness through civic educational awareness campaigns and civic plan of action for the protection and restoration of the nation’s water bodies and tributaries, air, forests, land, wildlife, environmental justice of equal reciprocity and to preserve and conserve natural resources now on the brink of extinction while ensuring of concept of national sustainability.
Liberia First

Liberia First was founded in 1995. Its mission was conceived by Ms. Eva Diggs and shared with by a small group in the Triangle Area. This small group included the following individuals: Rev. Joyceline Thompson, Ms. Sadatu Gaye, Mr. Farleyson Tarley, and Mr. T. Nelson Williams II. This team of individuals organized a Liberian Independence Day Celebration on July 26, 1994. The success of this celebration led to the election of Mr. Farleyson Tarley and Mr. Wellington Vanpelt as co-chairmen of a founding committee. Their work led to the establishment of Liberia First, Inc.
Liberia Love Apparel

LiberiaLove Apparel
Through commitment, experience, and expertise, Liberian Love Apparel provides unique styles consisting of sophisticated fashion designs adhering to today's modern trends, with excellent customer support at affordable prices. Products are each branded with our unique Liberian Love logo, indicative of the map of Liberia with a red heart symbolizing the love we share for our country, Liberia.
Liberia Net

When it worked it was a comprehensive site with extensive information, pictures, history, sports and many links.
Liberia Past and Present

Liberia Past and Present
'Liberia Past and Present of Africa's Oldest Republic' is a very comprehensive masterpiece with a wealth of information on the history of Liberia - political, economic, cultural, but also with actual news. The site has been developed by Fred van der Kraaij, a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands. His dissertation on the role of foreign investments in the development of Liberia 1900-1977 was published as “The Open Door Policy of Liberia – An Economic History of Modern Liberia” (Bremen, 1983). He wrote extensively on West Africa where he lived for over 16 years.
Liberian Beauty

Liberian Girl
Natural beauty.
Liberian Beauty

Liberian Girl
Even when a Liberian girl cries she is beautiful.
The Liberian Center

Joseph K. Tellewoyan
This website was designed and is maintained by: Joseph K. Tellewoyan and contains a wealth of photos and information on Liberia. Joseph Tellewoyan wrote and published the book "The Years the Locusts Have Eaten: Liberia 1816-2004".
Liberian Community Association

This site delves into socio-economic as well as the health and political situations in Liberia. It intends to provide comentaries on the aforementioned issues from a deeper analytical perspective, taking into consideration the intricacies of the developments that dictate the events presently obtaining in the country (LIBERIA) and why such developments should be viewed in connection to the contemporary global political changes.
Liberian Community Association of Metropolitan Washington

The mission of the Liberian Community Association of Metropolitan Washington, Inc. is to serve the general interests and welfare of all Liberians residing within the metropolitan Washington, DC area and to add to the cultural and social enrichment of the surrounding American communities.
Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island

The Liberian Community Association of Rhode Island, Inc. is a non-profit, non-political and voluntary community-based organization. Its principle mission is to seek and promote the welfare of all with an overriding focus on the promotion of the Liberian and African Culture.
The Liberian Community Foundation

Liberia presently has no electricity, no running potable water, and a collapsed infrastructure. Most hospitals are bombed out shells and there is no library in existence in the whole country to help with education. People do not even have basic tools to build shelters or perform even basic agriculture. Over 200,000 innocent civilians have died as a result of the war and the conditions that followed.
The Liberian Connection

banner TLC
Welcome! Hadu-Ooh! Moien! Nuwanee! Ya kunei! Tatu-o! Naawe-o! Al Salaam A' Alaykum! Ba Tuah! Makai! Malahaba! to The Liberian Connection, the on-line resource for Liberians on the net. This impressive and very extensive Internet Site contains all kind of links to Liberia-related internet pages with an own news service, a chat room and a notice board. Web-master Ciata Victor and her team did a GREAT job.
Liberian Cookbook

You'll find dishes like cabbage cooked with bacon and pigs' feet, sweet-potato leaves with fish, palm nuts with shrimp in fish or chicken stock, and dried Norwegian fish. Check Rice, a delightful combination of rice and platto leaves or okra, is a popular dish. Goat Soup is the national soup and is served at every important state function.
Liberian Democracy Initiative

The Liberian Democracy Initiative, since its inception in May 2001, continues to monitor with grave concern the current state of affairs in Liberia. Many local and international organizations, including the press/media, have well-documented and reported many of the issues facing Liberia. LDI intends to highlight critical issues as well as urge people to take decisive and immediate actions aimed at bringing genuine peace and credibility to Liberia at home and abroad, respectively.
The Liberian Dialogue

The Liberian Dialogue Banner
The Liberian Dialogue Banner
The Liberian Dialogue, is a non-profit, non-partisan, issue-oriented web magazine, whose mission is to provide a forum that will facilitate the healthy exchange of ideas among Liberians and others, in discussing the future of our country. The Liberian Dialogue will do its best to provide you with insightful commentaries from all angles, even from those whose views we may disagree with, simply, because we want to encourage the free flow of ideas that will be a catalyst for democracy in Liberia one day.
Liberian Embassy in DC

logo Liberian Embassy in Washington DC
Banner Liberian Embassy in Washington DC CHARLES A. MINOR, Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, presented his Letter of Credence to President George W. Bush at the White House on July 15, 2004. Years of civil war and military dictatorship diminished Liberia's stature on the World scene. However, internationally recognized free and fair elections held October 11, 2005 heralded the birth of a New Liberia; a new Liberia now poised to reclaim her rightful place among the community of nations.
Liberian Events

Liberian Events
Focus to bring a new vibe and sense of connection to the Liberian Scene, through the promotion and marketing of Liberian events, covering everything from the hottest nightclubs and lounges to the most talked about parties, cateries, retailers, plays and venues all over the world.
The Liberian Experience

Roger Haggqvist's Home Page: "Aged 12 a scared boy from Sweden stepped off the plane at Robertsfield Airport, Monrovia. Everything was different from what I was used to, the people, the air, the food. This was in January 1981". "This beautiful country and its people have captured my heart and this is my way of sharing my experience with you" says Roger.
Liberian Express

Liberian Express
LX, launched by Terrawarp Technology, Inc., is a website that focuses on Liberia, and the activities of the Liberian population in the United States and around the world. Even though some of the site's leading characteristics are Liberia's headlines and Liberia community news, the site also features Liberian history, Liberian politics, Liberian immigration issues, dating, people, chat, sports, religions, entertainment etc.
Liberian Forum

Solomon Myers and his wife began LiberianForum.Com in a bid to celebrate my memories of the once glorious Liberia; and also to ponder why a nation which was once full of potential and promise descended into chaos and retrogressed into the state of nature. The site is dedicated to his fellow Liberians in Liberia and in the Diaspora, who have kept their resilient spirit all through this viciously painful era that has engulfed Liberia.
The Liberian Group

New site on Liberia.
Liberian Hot Spots

The new site on the web for all Liberians to come together. Take a poll and see the result.
Liberia Institute of Journalism (LIJ)

Liberia Institute of Journalism
The Liberia Institute of Journalism (LIJ), a nonprofit, nonpartisan Journalism Education organization, informs, inspires and empowers journalists to exercise their rights and accept responsibilities as journalists in an emerging democracy. Liberia Institute of Journalism connects Journalists to their communities and institutions through challenging Journalism programs and services.
Liberian International Ship Registry

Liberian International Ship Registry
It was 56 years ago Liberia's maritime program opened its doors to the world's shipping community. Within no time that community responded quickly, and in three months the 29,000dwt tanker World Peace, a large vessel by the standards of her day, had become the first ocean going merchant vessel to fly Liberia's star and stripes. Those 56 years have seen the fleet grow until today it stands at being one of the largest registries in the world.
Liberian Mongoose

Liberian Mongoose
ENDANGERED: Unlike many other mongoose species, which are solitary, the Liberian mongoose is reported to live in groups of three to five individuals and has been sighted in groups as large as 15. Information about this animal's reproductive biology is unavailable.
Liberian National Track & Field

Contact Information for:
US-based Liberian Athletes. A great site, very worthwhile visiting.
Liberian NewsWatch

Liberian NewsWatch
Liberian NewsWatch is an internet based newsmagazine. Founded in 2005 by LoneStar Liberia >> Global Media, Liberian NewsWatch Shares the resources of other LoneStar Liberia >> Global Media websites, such as, The Liberian Connection, The Liberian Orbit, The Vanguard Newspaper and more, however Liberian NewsWatch remains completely editorially independent.

The LiberianOnline.Com Website is an online portal that is dedicated in linking Liberians. was launched for the sole purpose of reuniting Liberians worldwide with their ex-schoolmates and Classmates. The website has a database of over 700 Liberian schools. Members can add themselve and reunite with their old friends.
The Liberian Orphanage Foundation

The political situation in Liberia may appear stable but the fact remains that more than 50,000 children were left orphaned by the civil war. How often have you thought about the situation in Liberia and wished there was some way to help? If only there was a trustworthy vehicle through which you could send help!
Liberian Pineapple Nut Bread

Liberian Pineapple Nut Bread Yield: 1 loaf. Adapted From: A Kwanzaa Celebration, by Angela Shelf Medearis, published by Dutton (The Penguin Group), ISBN 0-525-94070-7
Liberian Soccer

This web site exists for the benefit of all supporters, enthusiasts and people with genuine love for Liberian (Tebelleh) football. Our efforts are aimed at providing you with up to date information on the Liberia national football team, scores and game highlights, stories, players profile, pictures and interviews of players. There is also a forum for discussion where you can air your views.
The Liberian Times

Liberian Times
Liberian most trusted news source.News & Editorials.

Michigan now is the time or never. Let us seize this opportunity right now and do all in our power to buy that building sitting on Puritan. If we listen to nay sayers and let this opportunity slip away from us, we will never have this chance come our way for a long long time to come. Liberians let us forget about the past and look toward a brighter future for this generation and the one after us. Let us forget about how things have been done in the past and support the present leadership wholeheartedly, morally, and financially.
Liberian United Women in Progress (LUWIP)

Liberian United Women in Progress
The Liberian United Women in Progress (LUWIP) was founded in 2000 by a group of strong and promising Liberian women who share a passion for promoting and supporting young Liberian women.
Liberian Youths Against AIDS and HIV

Liberian Youths Against AIDS and HIV
Keeping the next generation free from HIV and AIDS is a gigantic task but unless today's youths take responsibility for the way they conduct their relationships, then the number of cases will continue to rise. Free distribution of condoms is one of the simplest yet most important ways to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. Unfortunately, without any funds even this basic method cannot be offered. If you would like help us we desperately need large quantities of condoms and associated literature to distribute.
Lifewater in Liberia

"Water is More Precious Than Gold and More Crucial to our Survival than Any Other Resource on Earth!"

No one knows the value of water and sanitation more then the people of Liberia. In 1990, a bloody civil war erupted, 150,000 were killed and half Liberia's population was displaced. Water supplies were destroyed and along with the massive influx of refugees, came an acute shortage of safe drinking water. Up to 5,000 people rely on 1 hand pump, many wells are contaminated and some people are forced to draw water from stagnant swamps. With the destruction of water and sanitation facilities, water-borne diseases (dysentery, cholera, and infectious hepatitis) have become common.


The Liberian Mandingo Association of New York (LIMANY) seeks to:

  1. build mutual support networks among its members.
  2. promote unity among all Liberians
  3. communicate and work with other Liberian organizations for peace, democracy, reconciliation, and reconstruction
  4. ensure that human rights are protected under Liberian laws and that no group of Liberians is prosecuted or killed on the basis of religion and ethnicity
  5. ensure that all Liberian children receive an education.

Links to Africa
A unique collection of 500 links to pan Africa related Internet sources. Its a cyber journey through Africa and its glorious history. THIS IS AFRICA.
Living in Liberia 1

Living in Liberia provides a place for those who were not born in Liberia to learn more about the ins and outs of daily life here. Except where noted, it focuses primarily on things pertaining to the capital city of Monrovia. It offers answers to simple questions like "where are the grocery stores?" (there's a number of good ones), "is there an American-style dry cleaners here?" (actually, yes there is one!), and "What are the good restaurants?" (the list is growing as more restaurants open regularly).
Living in Liberia 2

Living in Liberia
Unique photos from Gbarnga, Greenville, Harper, Kakata, Monrovia, Saclepea, Tappita, Voinjama, Zwedru, and Useful Addresses: By Phillip Martin

Lofa County
Lofa is the northernmost Liberian county. It is the site of Mount Wuteve, the highest mountain in Liberia. Many people left the area as refugees in 1999 and the early 2000s as it became a main focus of fighting during the Liberian civil war. The Red Cross said that in January 2004 many people had begun to return from refugee camps in neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone. At that time the county's population was estimated to be 34,310. The largest city and county capital is Voinjama with a population of 4,945. Zorzor is the second largest city (population 1,760).
Lone Star Outfit

Lonestar outfit
LoneStar Outfit. Liberian Soccer.
Lone Star National Team

Lonestar Team
LoneStar National Soccer Team.

Sekou Dammateh Conneh Centre

For the sake of the Liberian people and in its self-interest, LURD must take tough, but they believe, essential steps to restore peace, prosperity, and democracy- to ensure our own survival. LURD could not wait longer. Regardless of who takes one step or another, they have to move forward, they were forced to take action, and they hope you will support them. The cost may be (too)great, but most importantly, the cost of doing nothing would undoubtedly be even greater for the citizens, and for the international community.

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